Who was the client and what do they do?

The customer for this vinyl boat wrap was Troy Niemann of GT Outdoors. They provide outdoors adventures to fishermen and hunters and serve as mentors for those who want to learn tactical strategies while pursuing their outdoor passions.

What were your goals for this vinyl boat wrap project?

Troy wanted to display and promote his logo and his brand. Part of this process was showcasing the quality of service and the vast experience Troy has. This was to give his services a high perception of value.

What was your design process as your worked on this vinyl boat wrap?

We started out by listening to Troy talk about his company and his vision. Together, we explored ways to best show off his logo while also displaying what he does with Fishing & Hunting. There were multiple sponsors that needed to be presented as well.

How do you approach boat wraps differently than a vehicle wrap? Are there special considerations?

There are a lot of things to consider when applying a vinyl boat wrap. Ultimately, though, we approach boat wraps the same as vehicles — it’s always attention to detail and nuances that go with each object we’re wrapping. With a boat wrap, we must pay special attention to the location of the water line is, and consider how the boat and the wrap will be viewed in the water.

What challenges did you overcome?

When doing a boat wrap design, we are always challenged by the rear of the boat. There can be multiple motors, platforms, or any number of things to get in the way. It takes time, care, and attention to every small detail to ensure the wrap will perform well over time.

In this particular design there is a subtle carbon fiber design that incorporates the entire design. From further back it is not apparent but up close it really adds to the designs effect.

What was the best part of this particular vinyl boat wrap project?

When a wrap is finished we are always eager to see the customers expression when he first sees the final product. In this case, Troy LOVED IT !!!