Have some questions about vehicle wraps? We have answers. 

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a vehicle wrap for a while now. Perhaps you have a few questions that haven’t been answered yet and they’re holding you back. Maybe a vehicle wrap is a brand-new idea and you’re wondering if it’s worth the investment. We’ve been in the business a long time — almost 20 years! (We love what we do. Call us the vinyl nerds if you want.) And in our years in the business, we find ourselves fielding questions on a weekly basis.  Here’s a list of our frequently asked questions about vehicle wraps.

No matter what your questions about vehicle wraps look like in your head, here are some answers that should make the decision a whole lot easier for you:

What does it mean to wrap a vehicle? 

This is one of the best questions about vehicle wraps! In incredibly simple terms, it’s like wrapping your car in a giant vinyl sticker. Your car becomes a moving billboard for your business, 24/7, whether you’re driving or parking or stuck in traffic.

The value of a wrapped vehicle by Cascade Wraps

Do I need a full wrap or just a partial wrap on my vehicle? 

While we love the incredible visual impression of a fully wrapped vehicle, any signage on your vehicle is going to work better than no signage. And both options strive to accomplish the same goal: to get your business seen so you get more sales. We could use the old adage, “You reap what you sow.” And in this case what you sow will bring you great return on your investment. But what’s the difference between the two?  

Fully Wrapped Vehicle 

A fully wrapped vehicle is just that: from bumper to windows to all points in between. All panels of your vehicle are covered. We don’t typically include the roof on larger vehicles because they’re not generally seen. Full wraps can be incredibly riveting, but they are a bit more expensive because they use more material and take longer to install. The biggest benefit is that these vehicles will not be missed. Period. 

Partially Wrapped Vehicle 

With a partially wrapped vehicle, only ¼ to ¾ of the vehicle is covered. These can still make a great impression, and for a well-branded business with a smaller budget, it’s a great alternative to a full wrap.   

Longevity of Vehicle Wraps by Cascade Wraps

Is it worth it to wrap just one vehicle, or is it only good for fleets? 

A well-wrapped fleet is a beautiful thing to behold. A metropolitan area increases the impact of a wrapped fleet exponentially. But it’s not just a fleet option. 

Studies estimate that one wrapped vehicle garners 30,000 – 70,000 views per day. It‘s the lowest costperimpression investment you can make for your business. 

A single wrapped vehicle can be incredibly impactful as well. Imagine all the places you drive — all the cars you pass, all the businesses, pedestrians and the vehicle and foot traffic that pass your parked vehicle. Every single one of them gains exposure to your brand when your vehicle is wrapped. Waking, sleeping, parked in your neighborhood and at the grocery store.  

Vehicle Graphics Installation by Cascade Wraps

How long will it take to install vinyl? 

There are a few things to consider before we can give you a timeline. Are your graphics ready to go or do we need to create something for you?  

  • If you don’t have print-ready graphics yet, it will take our designers anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to put together a design for you. 
  • If your graphics are ready to go, we can get you on our installation calendar. We’re usually booked out 2 to 3 weeks. 
  • Once we have your vehicle, it typically takes 2-3 days to install a full wrap. 
  • A partial wrap normally takes 1-2 days to install. 

How much will my vinyl wrap investment cost? 

This varies greatly depending on the make and model of your vehicle. There’s the obvious answer: a small car will take a lower investment than a large truck. But it really depends on what you’re looking for. The average cost for a full wrap on the average car is about $2,500. If you want a chrome wrap or a wrap that changes color, we can provide you with a quote for that.  

Your best bet is to call for an estimate. We’ll need the make, model, and year of your vehicle. And whether you’re considering a full wrap or partial wrap.  

Oregon City Police Fleet Vehicle Graphics by Cascade Wraps

How long will my vinyl wrap investment last? 

A wrap that’s well-taken care of will last for years! We fully guarantee our work for three years. Generally speaking, our wraps last at least 5 years, with no noticeable difference in color, but can last several years past that. 


Will a vinyl wrap damage my vehicle at all? 

First of all, you’re not alone in asking this question. And it’s because so many people have heard horror stories about vehicle wraps gone wrong and damaging vehicle paint. A well-wrapped vehicle protects a vehicle from minimal weather exposure, small dings, and scrapes.  

Three things are necessary to ensure vinyl won’t damage your vehicle: 

  1. Start with a factory quality or better paint job 
  2. Use only brand name, top quality vinyl that’s specifically designed for vehicles 
  3. Remove the vinyl before the manufacturer’s warranty is up 


What if I damage my vehicle wrap. Do I need a whole new wrap?  

Due to the nature of vehicle wraps, we’re able to repair small to moderate damage using leftover pieces from your initial install. If that’s not possible due to the type of damage incurred, we can reprint a small portion of the graphics to reinstall. (Often, we’re able to keep this replacement to one panel of your vehicle.) Worst case scenario, we’ll have to peel off the wrap and start over.  

Have some questions about vehicle wraps that didn’t make our “frequently asked questions” list? Give us a call — we’d love to talk through what’s best for you and your business.