Floor & Wall Graphics

About Our Floor & Wall Graphics

Bring floors and walls to life.

You may have seen full color graphics on cars, windows, and signs of all types. You can now apply the same full-color, high-resolution graphics to the floors and walls of your business or home. This unique kind of communication can bring otherwise boring and wasted space to life with color and strategic brand messaging.


Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can serve a variety of purposes in your store. They can reach customers while they shop, direct traffic in a busy facility, organize a warehouse, promote an event, reinforce brand identity, and even decorate a special event. Our floor decals and floor signs are made with slip-resistant laminate that is also scratch and scuff resistant so they can withstand even heavy traffic! Floor graphics and floor ads catch the attention of potential buyers unlike any other form of advertising.


Wall Graphics

With our custom wall graphics, information about your company can now be displayed in a creative and appealing way. Effective in both personal and commercial use, a full-size wall mural adds color and detail to your space. We’ve seen wall graphics bring interest to common spaces like reception areas, showrooms, lobbies, waiting areas, restaurant walls, shopping center walls, and retail stores. More unique uses have included elevators, nightclubs, and use for stage set production, photographers’ backdrops, and even movie sets.

All of our wall murals are printed on special adhesive wall decal materials that can be removed without damaging the wall underneath. We only print at the highest resolution possible so your graphics are the highest quality, providing crisp and sharp details.


Choose from our Wall and Floor Graphic options:

  • High-resolution, full-color printing for all graphics
  • Floor graphics are printed on durable 3M adhesive vinyl that requires a special, skid-resistant laminate
  • Wall graphics are printed on 3M’s adhesive-backed vinyl
  • Graphics are semi-permanent but can be removed in most cases
  • Graphics are installed by our team of experts
  • Once your design is approved, turn-around time is typically less than 5 days to schedule an installation

Let us make you look good!