Whether you have a fleet, semi, or smart car, there are some general dos and don’ts for vinyl vehicle wraps.

The most important is to keep things simple. Simplicity wins the day every single time! Imagine your message being viewed at 65mph. There’s not a lot of time to absorb a message, so design accordingly. We’ve included a few more dos and don’ts for vinyl vehicle wraps below:

Don’t cram everything about your business onto your wrap.

dos and don'ts for vinyl vehicle wraps say keep messages simple

Not only will a laundry list of services be overwhelming for the viewer, too much information is impossible to read. When making design decisions, the best advice we can give is to keep it simple. Consider what people can reasonably absorb and remember in just a few seconds, and then include only that message. They need just enough information to pique their interest or remember their need. 

Don’t be too clever. 

Whether it’s font choice, verbiage, or imagery, make sure your message is straightforward and that it leaves no room for misunderstanding. You can include 3-4 bullet points about your primary service, but no more information is necessary. Fancy fonts might look cool on the screen or on a printed piece, but they can be difficult to read on a moving object. Consider clean, clear fonts to make a greater impact.

Do include your contact information.

Yes, it seems the obvious, but sometimes people can get so caught up in a cool design that they forget to include the most important thing — how to contact you! If you want to easily track your ROI, consider a unique phone number or web address. Or build a “how did you hear about us” into your sales funnel. 

dos and don'ts for vinyl vehicle wraps say keep messages short

Do notice where the breaks happen when doors and trunks are open. 

You’d be surprised at how drastically a message can change when you slide open a door or roll down a window. Make sure you think about both the closed message and the open message when considering a new vehicle wrap design. A well-thought out wrap can make the best of both positions. (And trust us, you don’t want to be featured on “Vehicle Wrap Design Fails.”)

Do keep your message short.

Not only should you refrain from including everything about your business on your vehicle wrap, you should keep the message you share short.Challenge yourself to use four words or less. 

Do use color wisely.

High contrast color schemes can help your message stand out and also make it easier to read. Additionally, a well-balanced color scheme will make your vehicle wrap more pleasing to the eye than an unbalanced one. Black tends to add a touch of sophistication to most vehicle wrap designs, and white can convey cleanliness and professionalism. 

When you follow these basic dos and don’ts for vinyl vehicle wraps, you’ll be well on your way to an effective vehicle wrap design. Whether you have an idea or not, we can help ensure your vehicle wrap design is eye-catching, effective, and an accurate representation of your business.