Some things are better left to a professional. Vehicle wrap design is one of them.

There are some things for which it’s okay to be mediocre — things like home lawn care and cooking dinner for your children. There are others that should be left to the experts, like electrical repairs and home foundation laying. When it comes to vehicle wraps, it’s definitely job to leave to the professional vehicle wrap designers because knowing the market, knowing the tools, knowing how to design for a 3D surface, and knowing what works will make your vehicle wrap investment the most profitable.

Professional vehicle wrap designers know the market and the medium.

A professional vehicle wrap designer understands the market on the road, and knows how that market differs from the radio audience, tv audience, and online audience. They know what makes them tick, what catches the eye, and what slides by without a second glance. Just like you wouldn’t call in someone off the street to manage the SEO for your business, you shouldn’t leave vehicle wrap design to just anyone, either.

Professional vehicle wrap designers know the software and tools to design well.

Sure, anyone can get a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Suite these days. But most people don’t know how to use these tools well. A professional vehicle wrap designer understands layers and color swatches, and how to use these in a way that the end producer can easily make any minor adjustments.

Professional vehicle wrap designers know how to use a template.

This doesn’t just mean coloring between the lines. Angles play an important role in vehicle wrap design, and professionals know how to work the straight surfaces and the angles to create a powerful, actionable, cohesive design. Professional vehicle wrap designers also know how to look for slight variations on your specific vehicle that might stray from the original template.

Many times, vinyl wrap printers will charge between $75-$150 an hour to fix any template errors that you may have made. This can get expensive pretty quickly! A professional knows how to work the nuances of any template and design things correctly the first time.

Professional vehicle wrap designers know the fine line between simple and effective.

Simplicity is effective, especially when it comes to vinyl vehicle wraps. But simple isn’t always eye-catching. A professional vehicle wrap designer understands what will catch the eye at 65mph and still look good when parked. They know what fonts and colors work the best, and how to capitalize on the shape and size of your vehicle.

Professional vehicle wrap designers know the market and the medium.


Professional vehicle wrap designers know how to prep the design files for printing.

It’s one thing to design an effective wrap. It’s quite another to get that design from the design program to the end producer. Knowing formatting, file type, and color specifications saves time and money, and makes whomever is applying your final vinyl vehicle graphic very happy.

Most importantly, professional vehicle wrap designers have the artistic vision to go from concept to final creation.

Many of us get ideas, but that doesn’t mean we get good ideas. A professional vehicle wrap designer can weed through the mediocre concepts, pick the unpolished gem from the pile, and make it spectacular. So sure, bring all your ideas to the table. But trust the professional vehicle wrap designer to adjust it to make it stellar. Or come up with an even better idea that you haven’t even considered yet.

Our best advice? Stick with what you do best, whether it be painting, plumbing, or flowers. And let us do what we do best — create and install stunning, effective professional vehicle wrap designs.